In years past the normal way of getting your puppy would be looking in your local newspaper, calling the breeder, picking it up and taking it home. Those days are long past since the age of the Internet. The Internet has brought a new way of purchasing your puppy. It has opened up more avenues and more choices then the local paper could ever hope to offer. At any given time of day or night you can browse through the pet web sites and have a choice of color, size or breed as well as the locale the puppy you are looking at. The question you may have in your mind is that if you are looking at a puppy where the breeder is located in California and you live in New York, how I will get my new baby home. There are a few different avenues however there is one way that is best above all of them.

A drive from New York to California would be out of the question for most but in this day in age there are many options available to buyers for transporting a baby home. The three most popular ways are as follows:

1. Breeders offering personal delivery for an extra charge.

2. Commercial transportation that specialize in transporting pets directly to your door.

3. Having your puppy shipped via airplane transport.

Some breeders for a small fee will bring your puppy right to your door. This gives you a chance to meet the person you are buying from as well as personal service. However there are some high risks to be aware of if you choose this method. Depending on where you live could make all the difference with this choice. Puppies driving in cars for long periods of time can get car sick, throw up all over the place and refuse to eat. Some will even refuse to go to the bathroom. Depending on the size of the puppy you are buying this could spell disaster especially if you are buying a Yorkie or a Maltese. The tinier the puppy being transported it also raises the risk. They can develop hypoglycemia; keel over and kick the bucket in just a matter of hours. Even if the puppy survives the trip the affect may still be seen days later. Some may want to blame the breeder for the puppy being sick but it may not be the case. Most will choose this method of transport if available; however a word of caution should be given when using this method.

Commercial transportation is another way to bring your new baby home. This service can be contacted by the breeder or the buyer to be set up. The cost is usually around five hundred dollars or less and they will bring your baby right to your door. Usually several weeks advance noticed will be needed if you intend on using this method. What they do is they get a list started of all their potential stops and carefully map out the route that will save the company the most time and expense. If you don’t happen to be within the vicinity they may not be able to fit you in and you may have to wait until the next trip or not at all. The drawbacks of course include the time it takes your puppy to get there when they get on the road. Once your puppy is on the way, it could take up to 3-7 days for that new baby to reach your doorstep. With this way of transport you are also dealing with the same problems with personal delivery but there are more. There is not just one puppy traveling but possibly twenty or more puppies. All twenty puppies in the back of the truck and let’s hope none of them have kennel cough, because your new family member may catch it since it’s airborne.

A buyer can have their puppy transported via airplane. Some would not even dream to have there new addition fly on an airplane. This however by far is the safest and quickest way to get your new baby to you. Delta Airlines has a Pets First program in which they offer some direct and quick flights to your local airport. The problem with them if it’s too cold or too hot they can’t ship. During good weather Delta is a good choice however there is another choice if you can’t fly Delta.

Continental Airlines is a good choice of flying live animals because everything they do with the puppy for the most part is air and heat controlled, thus being able to ship all year long. In all airlines the puppy is shipped in a special pressurized compartment below the plane. Each puppy is in its own container that the breeder provides which reduces any type of contamination or airborne illness. Most puppies arrive the same day they are shipped. Finally in a few hours your baby arrives at your local airport in which you are eagerly waiting the arrival. All of the airlines have different places where you would pick up your new family member. Some it would be the ticket counter; also you can pick up your baby at the cargo facility and others the baggage claim service office. Your breeder would let you know in advance where to go.

Buying a puppy these days is quick, easy and more convenient then ever. A decision will have to be made which way you would like your new baby delivered to you; as you can see above the choice is pretty clear. It is safe and economical costing around two hundred dollars. I have been shipping puppies for about three years now and also have been on the receiving end so I can say from experience, flying your new baby home is the best way.