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How to keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy this winter

Keeping your dog safe and happy this winter is a lot tougher than it sounds. Dogs can’t survive in the cold water, so swimming needs to be kept to a minimum. They also cannot handle the salt on snow or ice, which can lead to dehydration and eye irritations. To make things worse, dogs will

Royal Pardon For Killer of The Corgi

Word has it plans have been changed this year for the guest invites at Sandringham Castle. The Queen I believe after reading a recent article in the daily paper has banned Florence Princess Anne’s English bull terrier from the royal residence. Florence is to sleep outside in a parked up vehicle with Anne’s other pet

Click And Treat Is For The Dogs

Becoming the first major improvement in dog training since choke chains and spiked collars, click and treat has quickly revolutionized itself in becoming a big hit on the training circuit. Currently, there are over 10,000 trainers who are using this method regularly. Used in the beginning to train marine mammals, click and treat breaks down

Canine Hydrotherapy: Choosing The Right Therapist

Dogs are like people in so many ways: they need to be touched, loved, and appreciated; they need exercise, proper nutrition, and good care; and sometimes they get the same diseases, like arthritis. It’s been found that one of the best treatments for humans suffering from arthritis and other joint diseases is water aerobics, a

Pugs: Unique and One of a Kind

This endearing little dog is gaining popularity as more and more people fall in love with this odd looking dog. For the Pug size is irrelevant and this brave and adorable dog will become your most loyal companion. The head and tail are the most distinctive features of this breed. The short muzzle and decidedly

Puppy Training – Good Doggie

Puppies are cute cuddly and so full of life throughout the infancy stage. It is at this time when puppy training is vital – because believe it or not these cute cuddly little characters can cause so much havoc in the home – with their outbursts of action packed antics all brought on by excitement.

Things to Know About a German Shepherd Dog

A sound temperament is a must in a German Shepherd Dog (GSD). By sound, I mean a disposition where one minute you can let a protection trained GSD play alone with your 5-year old child, pull on its ears, pet its head, tug on its tail and NEVER-EVER be in harms way; while the next

Tips For Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family

Every family needs a dog, they are the perfect way to round out life at home. Kids love dogs and adults love dogs and lets face it they make for fantastic company. These are even the right animals to get you off your butt and exercising. Having to walk the dog each day is a

Proper Grooming Of Your Pet Dogs And Cats

Do you have a pet dog or cat in your house? We treat them as part of the household; we are obliged to give proper care and attention for them to make them look good and healthy, just like what we are doing to other family members. There are different pet parlors where you can

Tips For Training Your Cat

You can’t train a cat, like you can a dog. If you try to, you’ll probably cause behavioural problems later on. But you can teach it not to perform bad habits. But most times the owner will have to change to fit in with the cat. Every one in your house, should agree with what


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Want To Start With Dog Shows? Show Small Dogs!

The lights, the ring, the glamour! Ever think you might like to become involved with showing dogs? If so, then starting with “toy” or small dogs can offer a great way to enter into this hobby with fewer demands on your time and space than

Transporting Your New Puppy Home

In years past the normal way of getting your puppy would be looking in your local newspaper, calling the breeder, picking it up and taking it home. Those days are long past since the age of the Internet. The Internet has brought a new way

Training Your Dog – Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

There are more or less favorable ages for training a dog. Very young puppies are preoccupied with discovering their environment, but they are never too young to learn the basics. In general, puppies under 6 months will benefit greatly from their experiences with their brothers,

Pugs: Unique and One of a Kind

This endearing little dog is gaining popularity as more and more people fall in love with this odd looking dog. For the Pug size is

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